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"If you aren't willed to describe the inside smell of your shoes, then are you even a real woman?" - Barack Obama, 2010 (Presidential News Conference) "Boobies, vaginas, legs - every woman has that, but the essence of a woman's sexiness is inside her smelly shoe." - Adolf Hitler, 1965 (The New York Times) "I made love to many beautiful women, but the days I secretly smelled Katies feet and shoes, are the days I remember the most." - Orlando Bloom, 2018 (New York Post) "Shoe smelling ain't a sin, brother" - Some Pope, sometime (somewhere) "When Olivia [Munn] asked me if I have a foot n' shoe fetish, I said 'no', until now I regret saying that. People told me her boots smell amazing." - Joel Kinnaman, 2015 (TIME Magazine) "What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, by saying I'm not allowed to smell your high heels anymore." - Haddaway, 1993 (1st version of "What is love") "But you ain't got the answers, Sway! You ain't got the answers! Wanna know how I know that, huh?! You just told me, that shoe smelling is some sort of perverted activity. I mean, Sway, what is wrong with you, homie?! What is wrong with you?!! - Kanye West, 2013 (Sway in the morning)
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