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10 Guy
90's Problems
Aaand It’s Gone
Actual Advice Mallard
Actual Sexual Advice Girl
Advice Dog
Advice God
Almost Politically Correct Redneck
Am I The Only One Around Here
Ancient Aliens
Annoyed Picard
Annoying Childhood Friend
Annoying Facebook Girl
Anti-Joke Chicken/Rooster
Archaic Rap
Awkward Moment Seal
Back In My Day Grandpa
Bad Joke Eel
Bad Luck Brian
Bad Pun Dog
Bad Pun Raccoon
Batman Slapping Robin
Bear Grylls
Brace Yourselves
Business Cat
Business Cat
But that's none of my business
But That's None of My Business…
Captain Hindsight
Chemistry Cat
College Freshman
College Liberal
Confession Bear
Confession Kid
Confucius Say
Confused Gandalf
Conspiracy Keanu
Courage Wolf
Dating Site Murderer
Depression Dog
Do You Want ____?
Drunk Baby
Dungeons & Dragons Guy
English, Motherfucker. Do You Speak It?
Everyone Loses Their Minds
Evil Plotting Raccoon
Facepalm Picard
First Day On The Internet Kid
First World Cat Problems
First World Problems
Forever Alone
Forever Resentful Mother
Foul Bachelor Frog
Foul Bachelorette Frog
Friendzone Fiona
Frustrated Farnsworth
Fuck Me, Right?
Gangster Baby
Good Girl Gina
Good Guy Greg
Grandma Finds The Internet
Grinds My Gears
Grumpy Cat
Hipster Barista
Horrifying House Guest
I Dare You Samuel Jackson
I Should Buy A Boat
I Too Like To Live Dangerously
Imgur World Problems
Insanity Wolf
Lazy College Senior
Mad Advice Mallard
Mad Advise Mallard
Mad Karma
Malicious Advice Mallard
Masturbating Spider-Man
Mayonnaise Patrick
Not Sure Fry
Oblivious Suburban Mom
One Does Not Simply
Overly Attached Girlfriend
Overly Manly Man
Paranoid Jigglypuff
Paranoid Parrot
Pepperidge Farm Remembers
Priority Peter
Rasta Science Teacher
Redditor's Wife
Redneck Randall
Redneck Retriever
Revenge Band Kid
Satisfied Seal
Scumbag Brain
Scumbag Stephanie
Scumbag Steve
Sexually Oblivious Girl
Sexually Oblivious Rhino
Sheltering Suburban Mom
Skeptical Flanders
Slow Poke
Small Fact Frog
Smug Spongebob
So Hot Right Now
So I Got That Goin' For Me, Which Is Nice
Socially Average Penguin
Socially Average Penguin
Socially Awesome Penguin
Socially Awesome/Awkward Penguin
Socially Awkward Penguin
Socially Awkward/Awesome Penguin
Stupid Nerd Girl
Success Kid
Sudden Clarity Clarence
Surprised Koala
Take My Money
Technologically Challenged Grandparents
Technologically Impaired Duck
Tell Me More About
Terrible Tiger
That'd Be Great
The Most Interesting Man In The World
The Rent Is Too Damn High
Too Afraid to Ask
Tough Spongebob
Unhelpful High School Teacher
Unpopular Opinion Puffin
Unpopular Opinion Puffin
Vengeance Dad
What If I Told You...?
What Year Is It?
Why Not Zoidberg?
X, X Everywhere
Yo Dawg
You're Gonna Have a Bad Time
Your Music's Bad And You Should Feel Bad
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I think I'm ready for this.

A change in career

I am so done with this place.

Cant choose your family...

I never thought this day would come...

With a simple 2 for 1 voucher and a mistake on Domino's part, got me the biggest and best present I have ever gotten

One small step today, one giant leap for tomorrow

When your water well gives out in December.

Nothing like finally starting on my New Year's Resolution in mid-December!

I caught a very, very brief break.

More water.

Never take your health for granted

A little surprise when I came home from work

i was 13 at the time. :P well, i guess it wasn't fully correct, but the mind idea of dogs seeing things owners eat as special

App problems

Maybe next year


It was very subtle and progressive. "You shouldn't talk to this one bc she does X","this one doesn't really care about you", etc

Down to the wire... less than hour to deadline for Secret Santa

Happy Holidays

Had another disciplinary meeting today....

Well, now I feel bad


Took out trash, did some laundry, de-cluttered excess papers, & ETC woo!

It was fun, I guess

Its my cake day Ill cry if I want to...

Now she just buys better cuts...

Homemade socks with typical geek imagery on them are nice, but...the pretty girls.

135lbs down and still too ugly to get a date

It's been a long but good couple of months.

Merry Christmas? 

imgur Promise

Post-grad blues.

Why would we choose you?

Just had to share. 

It's life i guess

It didn't go as planned ...

Not socially awkward, but I was too excited (and lazy) to find better one!


I don't know how to feel about this...

Switch on, switch off


Easier than doing real work...


Actually Unpopular Opinion

Pro tip. You'll get an answer faster and not waste anyone's time

maybe i'm paranoid, but the voices in my head tells me to post this

Hope that the Imgur Gestapo did not notice.

Target Shoppers Beware

Thank you random bus driver!

I Need Wooooooork

First Year Secret Santa Fail...

I love this community, hope yer diong amazing, i'm doing shit

The greatest joke ever told

A second Brexit

Excitement comes in many ways

Careful what to reuse

Thanks in Advance!

It's a tool that ya always put in the same spot right?

I've seen so many moans

Popular examples