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Turning my first published book into a graphic novel...

by May 16 via iPhone

My first book, This Land Of Monsters, came out in October 2018. It’s been slow going, being my first book with a small press, but I’ve been doing some conventions which are always a blast. So far I’ve done Walker Stalker Con Atlanta, Toronto ComicCon, and Walker Stalker Con Chicago. I met an artist at the Toronto show, we clicked, and now we are adapting it into a graphic novel! This is the first panel he’s drawn which is a scene taken from the very first pages of the book. I wanted to share with you all because I’m excited as hell and his work is amazing. His name is Matt Grosvenor and he’s on IG @inkwelldesignstudio.

That’s my book, my baby! Took that picture at Walker Stalker Atlanta. About ten minutes later, this happened...

Went to get a drink before the show started and Greg Nicotero was staring in front of my booth, looking at the book! I was a complete idiot about it and didn’t even hand him a copy. Because I’m dumb like that. Seriously though he was one of the ones I wanted to meet and there he was...I was taken off guard lol

If you like post-apocalyptic horror, the amazon link is on my bio. If not, that’s fine too! It’s the first part of a trilogy and I have a second, unrelated book being self-published this summer! Thanks for reading :)


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