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Dock-A-Tot baby doll DIY

by May 16 2019 via Android

Materials: 2 pillowcases Box cutter Poly-Fil stuffing 1" Polyfoam square (Hobby Lobby 2 pk/ $5) Scissors Needle and thread

Cut along the dotted lines to make 2 even strips for the tubing. There are already seams along the sides, so that's less sewing for you! Once you have 2 strips, sew the ends together to make one long flat strip of fabric and sew the sides shut. Don't forget to leave a 4-5 inch spot open so you can flip your piece inside out. Stuff the tube with Poly-Fil and sew the rest shut.

This is what it looked like before stuffing the tube.

After filling the tube, lay it evenly on top of pillowcase #2.

Trace the tube shape with a pen on the pillowcase and cut it out. Use the bottom part of the pillowcase since it's already sewn shut (less work for you!) Adjust the mattress protector piece to fit the tubing size if needed.

Trace the mattress protector piece onto the foam. While cutting it out with the box cutter, remember you'll need the foam to fit inside the mattress protector, so cut it a bit smaller than you traced.

Once you have about 5 inches left of sewing, flip the mattress protector inside out and stuff with the foam piece. Sew the rest shut.

Line up the tubing onto the mattress and sew the pieces together. This was the hardest part. I tried to keep the lines from the tubing and the sewn line on the mattress together.

I should have made the mattress pad larger, but it is what it is.

Also, I saved some scrap material and added a small loop for the handle. As you can see, the stitching is horrible and I'll have to go back and fill in some holes. But I'm a crocheter, not a sewer.

Overall, I think it turned out pretty cute! Sorry this tutorial isn't the best, but hopefully it gives you something to go off of. I can't wait to give it to my daughter for her birthday!

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