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Fo76 Halloween Decor Concept Ideas

by Aug 14 via Android

Sorry guys first post was messing up. Pumpkin racks - 3 plans small,med,large Pumpkin carving - multiple plans vault logo, 76, witch, ect. Witch in chair - 3 plans witch,skeleton,clown *maybe they jump out at you when connected to pressure plate. Wall stickers - 3 plans bats,skeletons,witch *Rare window stickers glowing deathclaw face, glowing Wendigo face, Bloody hand prints

Punch bowl skins Punch bowl can be reskined as "Candy Bowl or Black Cauldron" Instead of alcohol candy can be added to the bowl 3 candy plans - chocolate bar, sour candy and gum pack 3 rare plans for black cauldron have smoke emitting from it green,blue,red Please allow punch bowl more than one use if reskined since Biv will never give me my KEG PLAN...Bethesda plz i need my Keg

Actual skeleton - 4 plans Standing Sitting Arm around Waving

Make toilet paper throwable. This is a novelty limited time for trick or treat. Temporary effects disappears similar to bullets holes in an object that disappear over time.

Scarecrow skins - 3 plans skeleton,witch,clown


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