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X-Wing Storage

by Apr 16 via iPhone

Dials / Pilot chit storage

Bits box from B&Q - one for each faction

Dials / Pilot chits

One tray for each faction

Extra Bomb / Campaign tokens

Picked this up from a haberdashery shop - used for thread bobbins

Card / Resource storage

Reference sheets

Upgrade Cards - Table of contents

Stored by type, then by point value

Upgrade Cards - Details

The pages are for old "Cigarette Cards" collections

Pilot Cards - Details

I have a binder for Scum, Imperial & Rebel pilots. Organised by ship then by point value

Plano 5321

My transport solution for game days This holds everything I need for a tournament

Plano 5321 - Top tray

My transport solution for game days Top tray carries: Templates All tokens Dice Obstacles Mines / Bomb tokens Damage decks (Original & TFA) Laser sight

Plano 5321 - Interior 1

My transport solution for game days Rule books and squad print outs are handy

Plano 5321 - Interior 2

My transport solution for game days Under the rulesets and squad lists are the ships.

Tournament Trays

From a fellow in Sweden, template holder is removable. I use one of these to move my squad around from table to table.

"The Hangar" - Rebel

The Rebel Tray

"The Hangar" - Scum

The Scum tray

"The Hangar" - Imperial

1st tray of imperials. there's a second one started, but not worth another picture

Spare bits

So much cardboard...

My storage setup for X-Wing 1st Edition

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