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NERVE progress dump 2

by 11d

***WARNING: GIRTHY GIFS AHEAD!*** Fresh dump of gifs that we put on our Twitter showing our game's progress. Feel free to follow us on twitter @gunfishgames to see regular updates. This one was us testing out triggered animated Traps for a particular Gate Keeper (Boss) that looks kind of like a porcupine...very "kind of".

Testing out using the same logic on actual Traps that are triggered when the player gets close.

Going at normal speed through a Nubelas Zone, this colour palette is for World 9.

This was a colour palette we threw together after looking at cyberpunk 2077 imagery.

Testing out some cool mesh instancing logic in the engine. Really fun to look at and play with.

One of my favourite colour palettes!

More of the cyberpunk 2077 palette through test zone. You may feel nauseated while looking at this but it doesn't happen when you're playing. Focus on the centre down the pipe!

That first Surge Trap after the other Traps expand away always makes me nervous...

Magma(r) palette to make you feel fiery fresh!

Wrapping up today with a mad dash through some hoops and the acid palette. Love the Traps at the end that expand off the causeway. As always,hope you all enjoyed! And, feel free to AMA!


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