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I defeated Diablo, Lord of Terror(again?) [DIABLO II]

by Nov 8

This time I beated this guy on the first attempt!... No strategy at all and I believe I was under-levelled for this guy. I just dodged his attacks(It was WAY TOO PREDICTABLE) and used my (new unexpected) best bow skill against him and I burned him to Hell. Plus i believe would've a hell of a difficult time facing this guy because he does a Ton of damage even for a single hit[spell or melee]  I think Diablo II is easier than diablo I and the whole difficulty/content is just filler. 2013 me would've said otherwise praising this masterpiece but in retrospect, A generic click-based ARPG game made by Blizzard which was made famous by word-of-mouth and reputation+marketing(i guess?)

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