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Friends again

by Dec 7 via iPhone

This is Hilo on the left and Kona on the right, sisters I adopted (or whatever the cat term is) at 8weeks old. Hilo was the teeny runt of the litter while Kona was the biggest. I was told they were inseparable so took them both, and right enough they were. They spent most of the first year sleeping on top of each other and generally playing constantly and having fun. But sadly that all changed when they became outdoor cats, I’m not sure why but they almost seemed to forget who the other was, would fight and growl and be very territorial. That was about 8 months ago, in the last month they have been slowly coming around to each other again, sniffing bums mostly but a wee bit of play-ish fighting. Hilo, who is still 2kg and tiny, often gets chased home by other cats or dogs, and Kona has started bolting out to her rescue. Today I came home to this. Honestly, I’m not crying.


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