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Smol Kat enjoys a game of fetch.

by Sep 12 via Android

Last week, by sheer dumb luck, I learned that my little murder floof (her name is Khajiit) likes to play fetch. I happened to be laying in bed at the time. I was flicking a small cat toy across the bed, and she would chase it, chomp it, and return it over that short distance on the bed. So why not try fetch?

See? Fetch time. Khajiit will play this game for about an hour. One of us is bored with it by then. It's weird saying "Good girl!!" to a kitten who is behaving like a doggo.

Sorry for the shitty pics and videos. My phone camera isn't fantastic. (Moto G7 per)

I live in an RV. Perfect for a cat. Lots of things to climb on. Everything's pretty safe.

She so sweet. Until she isn't.... There's a demon inside her.


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