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History Dogs: Julius Caesar episodes 1-10

by Jul 12

Caesar, and the Romans in general, really fascinate me. In fact, as I get older I'm more interested in history than fiction. There are some great stories through the ages. I'm doing History Dogs to try and make these stories accessible to people who don't have the inclination to sit down and read a history book. Plus, I love to draw, and tell jokes (even if they're stupid and the only one laughing is myself).

'Caesar' is one of the most famous names in history, but it's a confusing one.

Immortalising my lifelong hatred for the third Mummy movie. RIP Brendan Fraser's career :-(

I really want a hairless cat. I feel like its pitiless stare would be a great motivator.

Poor Strabo, only got to appear in one comic. (SMALL SPOILER: He'll be back again later.)

I'm sure if I'd researched a bit harder I could have found a picture of what the Flamen Dialis (Priest of Jupiter) actually wore, but then that would have been boring, wouldn't it?

Horses are hard to draw, ok? Also, one thing that I didn't think about when starting this dog-based webcomic is: what animal pulls a dog's carriage? Why would it necessarily be a horse?

This comic was less historically accurate for brevity's sake. Caesar actually went into hiding for a while until Sulla cooled off. And it's not very clear which of Caesar's female relatives pleaded for his life. I like the version that it was Julia, because she believed in him like her husband had.

Fun fact: Caesar had been engaged to someone else when he became engaged to Cornelia. The tradition among Roman nobles is that their children would become engaged early on (at around 12 or 13) and the girl would live with the boy's family until they became of age to marry. When Caesar became engaged to Cornelia in his mid-teens, his first betrothed must have been told to hit the bricks and move back home.

Edit: Chapters 11-20: And so ends the first chapter of my comic biography of Caesar. His early life is the least well-recorded. And why would it be? Who could have predicted that this son of a lesser noble household would have risen to the heights that he did? Obligatory plea for cash: if you like what I'm doing, please give me an upvote, it really makes my day to see that someone has enjoyed my work. If you REALLY like what I'm doing, please consider contributing to History Dogs via Patreon

History Dog tax.


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