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Assorted Boxer dump, because boxers are the best

by Jun 13

Woohooo check out two-legged Duncan here! Welcome to my assorted collection of boxer pictures and gifs! Should be something for everyone. Either inspirational, derpy, or something else. Tiny disclaimer: All found all around the internet, with the majority on imgur. Thanks to all those original uploaders for sharing their stories! So, if you've got higher quality gifs than I have got on now: let me know, for the love of boxers. Most viral edit: Nice way to wake up and see my first post got most viral! Thanks! Boxers and other animals

Scary turtle.. Boxer and other dogs

This - as I understood - is Stella

This is Stella as well.. Boxers and their pups

Mum.. so calm and collected

Dad.. so restless and 'don't touch my willy'? Derpy boxers

Superhero boxers

"Nobody cared who I was, until I put on the mask"

The fight of the blowdryer

The fight of the little laser light Boxers and their masters

This one always reminds me of my own boxer, Zoe, that would lick the toads crossing our garden. She'd blew bubbles, feeling stoned, then feeling ill and projectile vomit in the hallway before trying it again..

Boxers and their baby masters

Puppy boxers and their masters

Or just some puppy boxers.. Boxers and water

Boxers and food

Boxers being talented (it's not that hard..)

Talent of standing still and only then catch a snowball (sortof)

Talent of jumping on a trampoline

part 2

Talent of looking such that it makes the viewer awkward

Talent of acting like a big baby

part 2

just the loveliest of faces

Well, thanks for making it this far! Love seeing you down here. And if it still hasn't tickled your fancy, see the downvote-boxer down below and just post it in the comments! If ya loved it, help me expand the collection! Cheers!


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