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FO4 Settlement Shots/Ideas

by Aug 11 via Android

This is a cathedral window idea I got from my favorite fallout 4 youtuber [NastyBonz3D]. The ones he made were much bigger, detailed and overall better so I suggest checking out his ideas/tutorials on youtube.

Tried with different colors and paintings. I did 2 wired blue lights on top and 2 wired green lights on bottom. But, I didn't need to wire the lights this time because I used recently discovered wire glitch that SkooledZone youtuber posted. A glitch where you can power anything that needs 1power alone and place it anywhere without wires. There is small space between pillars and paintings to give off lighting effect. The concrete half circle walls are used too.

Tried to change my building style but from my first post on Imgur you can see minor changes. Its hard to change a style. Most of my furniture is from creation club. I don't like mods but I do use glitches whenever I need too. This house is in the sky of Egret Tours Marina.

Morning light.

I am all about space and try to keep it simple. You can see the conduit below the center painting has no wires to it. This is the wireless glitch I talked about. Its nice having no wires everywhere.

Bed from the newest furniture add-on in creation club.

The rest of post are of old screenshots. Never followed through with this. I always end up scrapping it once I have a new idea.

Old screenshot. When Vault Tec DLC/workshop came out. Not enough items to make a satanic occult worship area. Damn.

Another random old unfinished idea. Tried to make a large chandelier by combining lights.

Conveyor belt that carried items in between garage doors.

Finally figured out a way to have door open just by walking through with laser switch and close 5 seconds behind me. Took long enough. 1 Laser switch 1 NAND gate 1 OR gate 2 OFF interval switches ..and a conduit that was the main power source.

Concrete items are awesome to work with and they snap perfectly in many different ways which made it easy to hide conduits, logic gates and wires. Currently making a hallway airlock sort of thing. I wish they added power to the Vault gear turning door. I try not to wish, I am content with games as they are designed.


After. Cricket plz


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