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I make bad fan art

by Feb 12

Hello Imgur, I made bad fan art. I'm not good at drawing, so I decided I wanted to make people happy by making very very bad art instead. I post one picture on Twitter and Instagram everyday (@iMakeBadFanArt). People seem to like it, so I figured I'd share it on here as well. It's just some silly fun :)

Game Grumps (let's play YouTubers)

Armoured Skeptic and Shoe0nHead (two political YouTubers and a couple)

JackSepticEye (you probably know him)

Isabelle from Animal Crossing

Ryan Reynolds (yes, that version)

Sean Pertwee (best known as Alfred in Gotham or Lestrade in Elementary). Also the first one to retweet one of my drawings!

ProJared (Gaming YouTuber)

Count Dankula (Political YouTuber, best known for the Nazi Pug video)

Swimsuit Succubus and Bunny Ayumi (Two cosplayers and lewd models)

Chris Evans

RalphTheMoviemaker (YouTuber, film critic and filmmaker)

Chris Ray Gun (Political YouTuber and musician)

Chris Hemsworth (yeah, this one is actually really horrible, I know)

Anything4Views (YouTuber also known as Chad or Fat C*nt)

MaxMoeFoe (YouTuber)

Jirard Khalil the Completionist (YouTuber)

Robert Downey Jr (You know who he is)

Elspeth Eastman (Twitch Streamer and voice actress). After posting this one, I felt a need to post that I'm not trying to make people look ugly on purpose, but that I just draw a picture in MS Paint using only the touchpad on a 10 year old laptop. I wanted to make her smile because she's a cheerful person, but she looks more like a witch instead.

Jenna Lynn Meowri (cosplayer and lewd model)

Missyeru (internet personality and my favourite cosplayer). I drew her as Vi from League of Legends, because that's the costume that she's well-known for.

Stephen Amell (Green Arrow actor)

Barry Kramer AKA Razzadoop AKA BarryIsStreaming (Twitch Streamer, YouTuber and former Game Grumps editor)

Ross O'Donovan AKA RubberRoss (Twitch Streamer, animator and part of Game Grumps)

SueHulk (Count Dankula's girlfriend)

Suzy Berhow AKA Mort3mer (YouTuber, artist and wife of Arin Hanson of Game Grumps)

Brian Wecht AKA Ninja Brian (Theoretical physicist, best-known as Part of the band Ninja Sex Party)

Ryan Magee (YouTuber, known from Supermega and being an editor for Game Grumps)

Matt Watson (YouTuber, known from Supermega and being an editor for Game Grumps)

Chris Broad (Known for his YouTube channel Abroad in Japan

Robin Lord Taylor (best known for playing Penguin on Gotham)

Ricky Berwick (YouTuber and overall internet personality)


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