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The International Imgurian Clean Up Day - Tomorrow!!!

by Jul 12 via Android

Mr. Puckett and I ran down by the river in my little city this week. I couldn't believe the trash, litter was everywhere. Some left over from 4th of July, most of it having been there for far longer. Everyone on the city Facebook page is complaining about it, so I'll just spend a day cleaning it up. But what if a whole bunch of wholesome Imgurians did the same thing on the same day?

Tomorrow is a day to enrich our communities and give back to the planet

Making a post about your experience will encourage others to go out and do the same.

Sounds easy enough, eh?

I came across a @XistentialCrisis post in random mode while wondering how to set this up She is an inspiration to the event

So it's just a couple pieces of garbage. What difference does it make if I pick it up and post about it on Imgur?

It's about starting a movement.

Don't forget to tag your posts with #ImgurCleanUp I will be browsing the tag all day so I can send out a few dozen thank-yous

Amazing stickers made by @rrobart94 that I will send out to as many people as I can. We've got a few different ones ready to go!

Look around you. This is your city. Let's make it beautiful again.


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