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Hey guys, I know I've posted a few times about the raffle I did through my business. This is more of a personal post than anything, I just kind of wanted to let this out somewhere. I was aiming to build 20 shoeboxes full of necessities, basics, and coats, mitts, hats for some of the homeless population in Ottawa. My family is going downtown Christmas morning to give them away. The raffle was a huge success, we're probably going to build closer to 30 boxes. I sat down with my 6 year old last night and told her that were giving away our Christmas this year because we have everything we need, and her response made me tear up. She said that all she asked for Christmas was love, and that she's so excited that she's getting it. She went on to tell me that love is giving someone a little help, so that they can help themselves alot. She's got it all figured out more than alot of us do.

I don't like posting about things we do for good, because I don't want recognition. My goal is to encourage you to give where you can this Christmas, or any day of the year. It really could change someone's life, and it's worth giving up something we could live without to do that. Happy holidays xx

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