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Scamming the scammer

by 4d

Took zero time to realize it was a scam, so it was fun to play along. I kept changing things up to see if the scammer would catch on... he/she never did. I don't know if this person was the same as the other one, but between them saying they would email me the check and me sending my check I had the conversation below with 'Don Smith'. So the check I sent this guy was after I talked to the other guy.

Maybe this was the original scammer, maybe not. Either way, I got them to send me a picture of what they sent to me via UPS. That confirmed the angle of this scam, so it was time to try and scam the scammer. Well, maybe more like inconvenience the scammer. I could see that based on his date and time when we were texting, that he was in UTC somewhere. I still vote for these guys being in Western Africa somewhere, Senegal maybe. 1Z426E930147193892 is the tracking number, you can copy paste it and see the entire trail.

I came up with this check. I printed it out, then folded it... then scanned it. This gave it a level of authenticity. I wish I could check and see if they tried to use that ACH and account number at all, but if you look at that ACH number its pretty clear it's a fake. Yes I know the name isn't very friendly, but I am also aware that gay people are not very welcome in Africa, so I figured this would be an additional jab.


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