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Evolution of Gaming


Lone Echo takes you on a deep space adventure that can only be experienced on Oculus Rift. Unlike traditional games, Lone Echo takes you into the future of gaming with 360º of zero-G puzzle solving and danger. But before blasting into the future, let’s remember the technical breakthroughs that brought us into the age of VR gaming—starting with the technology that started it all: Atari 2600.

Game graphics took a giant leap forward in the 1980s. Side scrollers let gamers jump, climb, shoot, and run through levels like never before.

By the time the 90s were in full swing, new consoles and games flooded the market, delivering ever-improving graphics and gameplay.

At the turn of the 21st century, game graphics expanded into another dimension, taking the leap from 2D to 3D. Increasingly realistic and detailed gameplay became the norm.

Gorgeous new games featured jumps in graphic fidelity, and the Internet brought the gaming world closer in multiplayer communities. The need for a monitor or TV, one of the few remaining links to the dawn of gaming, remained.

With consumer-ready virtual reality, Oculus Rift took the next great leap by removing the screen altogether. Games like Lone Echo put you right in the middle of the action—total immersion.

With VR you can experience gaming like never before. What worlds will you explore next?


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