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The Five Forts and The Unknown East: The Regions on The Edge of The World

by Mar 15

These five massive fortresses, each being able to hold ten thousand men, are built of four massive walls of fused black stone. The walls a thousand feat high. It predates the Empire of Yi Ti, and is said to have been built by the Pearl Emperor of the Golden Empire of The Dawn to protect against the demons of the Lion of Night. These forts still protect Yi Ti from raiders who live in the Grey Waste, a cold desert where no man should live. It is bounded on two sides by the Cannibal Sands, a truer desert where its peoples consume the flesh of other human beings. To the direct north east of the Five Forts lies the Land of The Shrykes, said to be home to half-human lizard people who shriek in a terrible way. Archmaester Yandel speculates they are merely men who wear lizard skins. The Shrykes themselves live in terror of K'Dath, who's inhabitants say the it's the oldest city in the world where they do unspeakable rituals to mad gods. To the Southeast lie Bonetown, The Dry Deep, and the Cities of The Bloodless Men. Bonetown is a strange settlement, made entirely of bones, and trades in the odd bones found in the lifeless canyon of the Dry Deep. The Cities of the Bloodless men are said by travelers to be filled with corpses of the dead, drained of blood, and returned to life by dark rites. Such is the world Beyond-The-Forts. Not shown in this image, to the farther south east, lies Carcosa (with its Sorcerer who claims to be the 69th Yellow Emperor) and the City of the Winged Men. But who can trust travelers' tails? Much like our tails of "Here Be Monsters", these tails must be taken with a grain of salt. They must be massive exaggeration. Surely. Yet... Why the need for five massive forts, potentially fifty-thousand men, and walls ten thousand feet high to protect against exaggerations?


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