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Newmaps: A Chex Quest Mod

by Oct 11

My high school free time was spent making this. A 36-level expansion to a game that I got in a cereal box. It got reasonably popular among the Chex Quest fan community at the time. (Yes, that is actually a thing that exists.) And I guess this is my magnum opus of OC, (unless I write a book or something,) so here it is for OC-Tober. It's still available at: The engine it runs on sometimes has quibbles running on modern Windows. There's a fix for it, though. Rename "Legacy.exe" to "codSP.exe" and edit "newmaps.bat" to reflect the change. This tricks Windows into thinking you're playing the first Call of Duty, and automatically disables certain OpenGL extensions that cause it to crash. Neat!  Or, if you can't be bothered, here's a few pretty pictures. Also, the page mentions the mysterious "Episode IV" that is soon to come out. This is sadly not true, since after I became an adult and had to do adult things, my passion project fell to the wayside. Doomed forever to be in a perpetual state of "when it's done".


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