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Constantius I Æ Nummus, Ticinum (304-305 AD)

by 11d

Constantius I Æ Nummus. Ticinum, AD 304-305. CONSTANTIVS NOB CAES, laureate head right / SACRA MONETA AVGG ET CAESS NOSTR, Moneta standing to left, holding scales and cornucopiae; star in right field, PT in exergue. RIC 48a. 8.79g, 30mm, 11h. "Constantius I (Latin: Marcus Flavius Valerius Constantius Herculius Augustus; 31 March c. 250 – 25 July 306), posthumously known after the sixth century as Constantius Chlorus (Greek: Κωνστάντιος Χλωρός, Kōnstantios Khlōrós, literally "Constantius the Green"), was a Roman Emperor. He ruled as Caesar from 293 to 305 and as Augustus from 305 to 306. He was the junior colleague of the Augustus Maximian under the Tetrarchy and succeeded him as senior co-emperor of the western part of the empire. Constantius ruled the West while Galerius was Augustus in the East. He was the father of Constantine the Great and founder of the Constantinian dynasty." -Wikipedia Picture from the auction house catalogue (Roma Numismatics).


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