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Mass Shield and Shield Other -- 5th Edition D&D Homebrew

by 8d

Shield Other is upgraded to 2nd-level just for being able to target a different creature, and it still keeps a short range to limit its use. Note that this spell can't be used to defend yourself, and its available only to certain spellcaster classes that already have access to healing. Mass Shield, on the other hand, always includes the caster among its 3 targets, even if they'd rather shield someone else. The extremely limited range and the requirement to stay near the caster renders this spell difficult to use -- which is fitting given its potential power when used effectively. You'll need to stay near your allies, and the three of you grouped tightly together without moving will make for a tempting target for area-damage spells, but you may be able to stymie an entire platoon of archers for a moment or two. This spell is available to wizards as well as part of a small effort in D&D Unleashed to provide more abjuration spells for abjuration wizards to make use of, along with a few other schools of magic. D&D Unleashed is free and fanmade. See more at


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