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Just a Quick Spotlight of the Amazing Joan Rhodes, Who Was One of the First True Female Strong Woman to be Accepted in the Mainstream Outside Circus and Fair Attractions.

by Apr 17

Posing in 1951. She was born in London, England in 1921. Ditched by her parents, she was on the streets at 14, before joining a traveling fair and learning the trades of the strong man. She quickly took on and started building towards that profession.

Joan Rhodes bending a iron bar with her hands and teeth in 1955.

Larger-than-life Ewart Potgieter balances on strong woman Jean Rhodes in 1955.

Joan Rhodes lifting a worker up with ease to every ones amazement in 1958. She started in the 1950s when she began do cabaret performances often showing her grace then surprising the audience with her immense strength. She did this through London as she grew in popularity. She even lifted giant Ted Evans who reportedly to weigh 480 pounds.

Joan Rhodes bending another iron bar.

Ripping a phone book in half in 1954.

She definitely hated iron bars. She started doing UK and US television shows, gaining a larger audience. She never grew too large in size, which made her immense strength a true surprise to most of her audiences throughout her career. She even began touring with Bob Hope and appeared in USO shows.

Just doing chores around the house in 1955.

Just moving a table across her pad in 1956.

More aggression towards iron bars. She did appearances right up into the 1970s. Often she would pick up large men randomly even as she got older, surprising people with her continued strength. She did some stunt work in her career as well, but mostly was a show woman. She retired quielty, and died in 2010.


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