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The Theory of Evolution Has Evolved


What if we could separate the mind from the body? What if we could download our consciousness and transfer it between bodies? Could we live forever? What would that mean for society? Who would come out on top? Altered Carbon is a dystopian sci-fi drama, uniquely exploring the future of human existence. It is streaming on Netflix now.

Bodies have become "sleeves", mere vessels with limited lifespans. Fancy being a little more athletic? Or a different gender? Or maybe a different race? No problem, so long as you can afford a new sleeve, the world is your oyster. Psyches live digitally on "cortical stacks", designed to be inserted in the back of the neck and interchanged between different sleeves as necessary. Safeguard the stack and in theory, eternal life is yours. To quote the prophetic words of the Wu-Tang Clan, you best protect ya neck.

Every good story needs a good hero. Enter Takeshi Kovacs, a former resistance fighter and enemy of the state. He wakes up to find himself stacked in a new body after being in cold storage for 250 years. Haunted by the demons of his past, Kovacs struggles to find purpose in a world he fought to change. (Disclaimer: The definition of "good hero" here is a fairly subjective, considering his first impulse upon being brought back to reality is to buy a backpack full of drugs and trip balls all over town and then shack up with his boss' wife. Either way, he seems like a pretty good time.)

But, who rebooted Kovacs' stack? The ultra wealthy Laurens Bancroft. A man with so much money he literally lives above the clouds. Bancroft has the power to do whatever he pleases, such as the aforementioned re-sleeving of a dangerous ex-con, to help him figure out the unsolved murder attempt on his own life. He also has a cool tree in his living room.

However, the working relationship between these two isn’t all roses as Bancroft presents Kovacs with the following ultimatum: find the killer, or go back into storage indefinitely. On top of his job insecurities, Kovacs seems to be a marked man in his own right. You could say, the odds are “stacked” against him... Stream the entire season of Altered Carbon direct to your consciousness with Netflix now.


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