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New Zealand

by Mar 15 via Android

For those who haven't heard yet. Which I'm going to assume is a good amount of people since I haven't seen anyone talk about it on here yet. A massacre at 2 mosques in New Zealand was carried out within the last 24 hours and there is a total of 49 confirmed dead, and this monster live streamed the whole thing. I will not be showing the shooters face or be sharing his name because fuck that. Nor will I be linking the video of the incident, and you probably shouldn't seek it out because it is easily the most horrifying thing I've ever seen in my life. However a fund raiser has been created to help all those that were affected by this incident, except unfortunately every time I try to load the page it doesn't seem to load. Maybe it's crashing due to the amount of people trying to visit it. Or it's an old link, idk. If I find a new one I'll make an update. Or if someone could find it and post it in the comments that'd be awesome.


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