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Last week, we got a big pup!

by Feb 13 via iPhone

We got him from a lady who couldn’t take care of him, so she had him tied up outside on a leash for the last year. This is his first time being inside in over a year! He’s a Great Pyrenees and he just turned 2!

His first day and he’s already sleeping on my legs!

He loves his new bed and our(now his) friends!

Going home from the vet, his first of many baths and his first trip to the pet store! He had a long day!

The biggest pillow bed the store had!

What a handsome big boy!

Friends are cooking and he’s curious!

Now he has a yard he can run around in! No more leashes just to go potty!

He loves getting hugs from his dad! Edit: I realize I never put his name on here! His name is Jack! He’s such a good boy and thank you guys for all the love and holy crud! Front page! It’s been a little “ruff” because he’s like a 90lb puppy since he doesn’t have very good manners yet but he’s very well behaved so we don’t have to worry much about him getting into things. He’s already a huge part of our family.


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