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July 12, Year of Organic Farmer

by Jul 12 via iPhone

Today was supposed to get up to about 90degree f. So instead of working in the heat, I was out in the field by 6am to pull weeds again. Usually the fields are 1/4 this weedy TOPS but this year is just hell with all this rain.

The gloves aren’t helping too much. Blister is getting bigger.

These two blisters came and popped without even noticing them really.

So since I started early, it was very dewy. By 8am the arms on this sweatshirt was soaked so switched it with another long sleeve in the back seat. That was soaked by about 10. Then took that off and by 11am my T-shirt was soaked too! But this time was because it was getting so hot and humid. Then suddenly I felt a very cold wind. Felt good but then I was like.. waaaaaaittt. I know what that means... So I stand up and look west and

STORM COMING! 20% chance of rain today and we managed to catch it again!

Rained heavy for about half hour wind blowing like crazy.

About .75inch in half hour. Wasn’t sure before it started raining if the ground would be dry enough to cultivate in the corn fields. Now we definitely won’t be able to. Especially because the corn is almost too tall to drive through and in another two days it will be too tall. So that’s all the tractor driving in the corn fields this year. One field got flamed twice and cultivated twice. Other two field got flamed once and cultivated once. A normal year it would all be flamed and cultivated 3times. That weed pressure (and the fields being constantly too wet) is going to complete kill out yield and we already have accepted we won’t get more than insurance minimum.

Just noticed this too. First time I’ve ever seen the tree in my back yard beginning to turn yellow from too much moisture. It’s a huge 30-40ft tall tree. Roots should go deep enough to not be affected by wetness but this year is just something else... Just gotta have hope for next year (I’ll keep doing these posts for the rest of the year still)


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