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Random dump

by Sep 12 via Android

So this is my first dump

No idea how it is going to go

I hope y'all enjoy this dump

It really is just a random collection of stuff I found funny

Still kind of new to Imgur

At least new from a posting perspective

Still trying to figure a lot of this out

Hey look! This one is from South Africa (#HomeCountry) probably

Doggos are silly

So are kitties

Narnia is great

Who downloads Ram #Seriously

Trying to think of content in between posts

Is difficult, but all in the mission to get rid of adverts

I'm hoping commenting between pictures is still a way to get rid of comments

Else this will all be for naught

In which case I'm so sorry - I tried all I knew

I now need to figure out how to update one of the videos to upload with noise

Wish me luck!

Hugs and Kisses, Me


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