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How to make Limoncello

by Jun 19 via iPhone

What you’ll need: organic lemons, a vegetable peeler, a large mason jar, sugar, filtered water, and grain alcohol (or high proof vodka). Optional filet knife.

Be sure to have a nice vegetable peeler. The sharper it is, the easier time you’ll have peeling a thick skin fruit.

Everclear is the best because it’s pretty high proof. The higher the proof the better.

So. You should have roughly 10 lemons to each liter of alcohol. I generally round up. Here I have 1.75 liters of etoh so I try to have 20 lemons. The secret to limoncello.... the lemon skins! Peel each lemon trying your best to get just the skin, leaving the bitter white pith behind.

Here are your lemon peels ready to be used.

There were some that had too much pith and I wasn’t comfortable using.

I used a filet knife to cut away some of that nasty pith so I could use that lemon skin.

Throw it all in the mason jar and add that alcohol. You’re done for now! Just be sure to keep your mason jar in a cool, dry, and dark place. I put mine in the basement, inside a closet. Now the secret is to let the skins steep in the alcohol for a MINIMUM of 30 days. This is how it’s done in the old country. Don’t let online recipes fool you, and don’t rush the process either. Every few days to weeks go and give your mixture a shake.

Forgive the lack of photos, but make a simple sugar with your filtered or bottled water. If you used 1 liter of alcohol you should use 1 liter of water. Therefore the ratio should always be 1:1 alcohol to water. Before mixing the lemon alcohol, be sure to make the simple syrup. Now for this, be sure to do a ratio of 2:1 sugar to water. For each liter of water it’s 2 cups of sugar. Then finally as seen here, be sure to filter your lemon alcohol mixture! You don’t want any funny looking stuff floating around in any drinks you make.

Here you see what the lemon peels look like after steeping. You’ll see they lost a substantial amount of their yellow color.

Once all the alcohol is filtered you can add it to your simple syrup. Note: *Important! Be sure to add your alcohol to simple syrup after, and only after your simple syrup is cooled!

Look at that marvelous color.

The finished product. We have a pretty good yield. About 3 and 1/2 liters of limoncello bottled up. Total cost: roughly $50. It’s smooth, sweet, and flavorful. You can play around with your own recipe but this is the perfect place to start. You can add more water, more simple syrup, or less depending on how you’d like it. There have been people who add a basil leaf, one lime, or even rosemary to the mason jar to steep with the lemon peels. Have fun.


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