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My hobby is designing and building unique arcade games from scratch. This is The Blatt Box.

by 12d via iPhone

This is Speed mode. You have 45 seconds to score as many points as possible by stopping two lights in circular motion when they meet at a tangent point. Each time you score the circles and direction are randomly reset. There is a small time penalty for a wrong stop and a small time bonus for a hit. The speed increases each time you score.

This is Original mode. As you level up the pace quickens and the patterns become more complex. When there are four lights you have to stop it when all four are at a pair of tangent points. You start with a small amount of leeway and earn more leeway for every exact hit. The goal is to level up as many times as possible.

Play becomes increasingly difficult when there is an audience or alcohol involved.

If you want to support a friendly arcade artist, and see other original games, you can find me on Instagram - @BuiltByBlatt


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