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Update on Threeo's Surgery

by 11d via Android

This is my beautiful Pit Bull, Threeo. A few weeks ago I asked an incredible Imgurian, @ryanjoseph666 for some help on my GoFundMe to help me cover the cost of the surgeries that my boy required. To cut a long story short, he had 2 rotten teeth extracted and 4 tumors removed from around his manhood (all of which came back benign!) and he is now a 100% happy, healthy, brand new dog. In large part due to some amazing people from Imgur who saw his post and helped me to fund his surgeries. I will show some before and after pictures to show y'all the progress that he's made and to express just how grateful I am to wonderful people who helped to make this a reality for me.

Our first night together when I "tried to find him a home." That took all of one night together to realize that I needed this dog in my life as much as he needed me.

Pre-surgey what his tumors looked like. (Yes, that is his penis)

Even before his surgeries he was such a goofy loving dog who just loved being right next to me after that first night we cuddled in bed together.

The day before his surgeries we hiked out to my favorite place in the world, Yellowrock Overlook at Devil's Den State Park in West Fork, AR. He was a very proud, happy, and tired boy after that hike.

I work at a dog grooming salon so naturally I had to give him a bath and get him all cleaned up the day before his surgery after our hike at Devil's Den.

Day after the surgery. Luckily I work at a dog grooming salon which means I can bring him to work with me to keep an eye on him so he didn't have to stay home alone all day with his cone of shame on.

Any time I would leave my desk, he would just sit right there looking out waiting for me to come back to my desk to give him more pets and lots of belly rubs.

One week post surgery. Back to being a silly, happy dog who loves the belly rubs.

One week post surgery. And no more tumors on his manhood! Sutures are still in place in this picture.

2 weeks post surgery. I still take him to work to keep an eye on him and he does the same while I work. He just sits by my side and lets me know if there is someone coming our direction. Such a wonderful watchdog.

And finally 2 weeks post surgery! The brand new Threeo, the most incredibly loving dog in the whole world! 100% healthy and has many, many years of toys, treats, belly rubs, and lots of hiking in his future now! Again, I want to thank everyone who helped contribute to my GoFundMe to get my precious boy back to the condition and life that he so greatly deserved. And for helping to get my dog healthy enough to the point he has been able to help me with the struggles in my life. This is unrelated but 2 days after his surgery I learned my very close cousin was in the ICU in Dallas, TX which is a 5 hour drive from where I live. So when I heard I immediately packed a bag and drove to Dallas to be with her in her final days and had to leave Threeo with a friend to take care of him. And the very first thing I did when I got back home from the bad news was lay down in my floor and cry and just about hugged Threeo to death which he never even flinched at despite him being in post surgery pain. This incredible dog has helped me through so many problems in a short amount of time and it would not have been possible without the help and support of the Imgur community, everyone who contributed to my GoFundMe, and of course @ryanjoseph666 for putting my GoFundMe into one of his daily wholesome dumps. I thank each and every person out there who helped me. You kindness and generosity will not be wasted as I fully intend to pay this amazing gift forward as soon as I get my next paycheck. I don't know how I will do that yet, but I'm sure @ryanjoseph666 will have another GoFundMe in one of his daily posts soon that I can make a good contribution to. Thank you so much for reading this far and for helping us out. I love each and every one of you will all of our hearts. -Jake & Threeo


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