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How To Care For Your Interplanetary Pet


The interstellar bond between a spaceman and his pet is stronger than anything, even the clasp of friends. Meet Gary, an ordinary guy serving prison time on an isolated space ship, and Mooncake, an adorable planet-destroying alien. They’re the heroes of Olan Rogers' "Final Space," a show about adventure, space travel, cookies, robots, David Tennant playing a villain, and the love between a boy and his super-weapon best bud. There’s a 99.9% chance you’re going to want your own Mooncake after watching, so we’ve prepared a guide on how to care for your own interplanetary pet.

Tip #1: Unlike humans, who can pass thousands of days with almost no physical activity, your pet is used to zooming around the vast reaches of the galaxy and getting plenty of air time. Keep your pal in shape with fun activities like running for your life or a quick drop-kick and dash on the WORST ROBOT COMPANION EVER. So revitalizing!

Tip #2: Your pet is friendly, curious, and very playful. While he’s not much for a game of cards, you can keep each other busy by playing fetch. Don’t be afraid to branch out from the norm; your pet will fetch absolutely anything.

Tip #3: Competent space sitters are hard to come by, so it’s best to take your pet with you when you travel. No matter how dangerous the trip might be, no matter how unprepared you are a la oxygen supplies or how hard you ignore the superior wisdom of artificial intelligence, your buddy will appreciate simply being by your side.

Tip #4: There’s a lot of things you don’t want your pet to do- chewing up your ship, attracting the eye of the Lord Commander, whizzing in your space suit, etc. Reward good behavior with a variety of positive reinforcements, from fist bumps and nice words to promises you couldn’t possibly keep- but twist your nipples raw, darned if you won’t do anything to see that alien smile.

Creator Tax! Bonus tip: oh my crap, DO NOT let your pet hang out with this dude. Seriously. His name is Olan Rogers, and just because he created and voices Mooncake himself, he thinks he can lounge around in a pile of Mooncake copies like the universe isn't constantly on the verge of being overthrown. Can you believe this?! Tune in for Final Space (starring Olan Rogers, Fred Armisen, Tom Kenny, and David Tennant) premiering February 26 at 10:30 p.m. EST. Only on TBS.


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