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PSA: G2A Inactivity Fee

by May 16

Hello there Imgur! I just wanted to do a quick public service announcement. I know we have quite the diverse population here on Imgur, it's a wonderful website with people from all over the world that does different things for a living. But I also know that some of you are gamers, just like me. If that is true then that means you might know the site that I am talking about above, G2A. G2A is well known, and has even been openly advertised during E-Sports, quite the achievement. You can buy many, many, MANY games there for a low price with supported steam keys and the like. But that is not why I am here today, I am not here to advertise for G2A, actually I am going to do quite the opposite.

If you, like I used to, have a G2A account and you previously have bought a game through G2A using PayPal, and for some vague reason have had "G2A Credits" left over on your account, then you might have been subject to the G2A Inactivity fee. What this basically does is charge you 1€ for every month you're inactive after a 6month inactivity period. Why does G2A do this? Their reason is "It costs money to upkeep accounts[...]" How did OP find out about this? He went onto his online bank account information just to realize it said G2A had withdrawn 3 Euros as early as the 13th of May. Then he went onto PayPal to see how many times they had done it, which was 3 months in a row. Granted 3 x 3 Euros are not a lot, it's still something, and as a student that is money I can't afford to throw away. I have contacted PayPal about the whole thing, but I doubt they will do anything about it seeing as it is in their terms and conditions under "Paragraph 20". This is part of the message G2A offers to the inactive users "Hello We noticed that you have not logged into your account for almost 180 days. After the 180 days have passed, you will be charged a €1 inactivity fee, and will continue to be charged €1 for each additional month during which you do not log in. The funds will be taken from you G2A Wallet." with a link shortly after to the terms and conditions. Why am I making this PSA if I technically can't touch them due to the conditions of paragraph 20? The answer is simple, I don't want other people to fall into the scam that is G2A. It appears legit but turns out they are just money-grabbing potatoes like most other people. Of course, other people have done this before me, some on Reddit. I will post the appropriate links here, a TLDR coming shortly after: TL;DR: G2A steals inactive users money after 6 months of inactivity. Make sure you're not falling into their trap, and delete your G2A account today! This has been my PSA, Thank you for listening Imgur, stay safe out there and have a nice day. Make sure to check your WiFi, don't run on data. No tax, I'm sorry. AGiantFan, OP, out.


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