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Starting a Charizard Collection- Chronological Order, Still lots missing, newest purchase pictured first

by 6d

Starting off with the Original Charizard card. 1995 Topsun Charizard

This is the "green back". It's kind of like the WOTC "unlimited". The first limited run came in a blue backing. Hoping to add the blue back and "no number error" soon.

Really cool oldschool illustration to compliment the Red/Blue video game. The whole topsun set is great stuff.

1997 Bandai Carddass Poket Monsters Charizard

Back of the card is a little different, it shows some random stats on the evolution

1999 Pocket Monsters CD Promotional card

1999 Wizards of the Coast (WOTC) Shadowless Base Charizard

1999 Unlimited Base Charizard

2000 Pokemon Dark Charizard 1st Edition Holo

2000 Pokemon Gym Challenge 1st-Edition- Blaine's Charizard

2000 Neo 2 Charizard Reverse Promo

2002 Expedition Charizard Reverse Holo # 39

Data from

2002 Expedition Charizard #13

2002 Expedition Charizard #40 Reverse Holo

Data from

The 1st edition Shining Charizard PSA 10 has a population of 148

Data from

2006 Pokemon EX Crystal Guardians Charizard #4/100

Secret Wonders Charizard Holo - Pop 22

Data from

The Reverse Foil PSA 10 has a population of 15, the Holo PSA 10 has a population of 60.

Data from

Data from

2008 Stormfront Charizard

2009 Supreme Victors Q LV X Charizard Holo

Data from

2009 Supreme Victors G LvX Promo Holo

Arceus Zard- Pop 21

Data from

Placeholder until I grab a PSA10. The PSA 10 pop is 54.

Data from

This will be a Placeholder until I grab a PSA10

Legendary Treasures Zard - Current Pop -61

Data from

EX Pokémon Card Art Collection 276/XY-P Promo

2016 XY M Charizard EX

2016 XY M Charizard EX #13

2016 charizard generations Radiant RC5

2016 Pokemon XY EVOLUTIONS CHARIZARD #11/108 REVERSE Charizard

2016 Charizard XY121 Black Star Promo

2017 Sun & Moon Charizard GX Black Star Promo

2018 Prism something or the other... Not out in English yet

Charizard Collection

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