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How I made this spiral carved wand

by May 16 via iPhone

I made this wand on my lathe and then using a file carved the spiral. It’s walnut and is damn hard wood. It has a plug for the core.

Fist I cut the stock to about 3/4 inch square the wood was from a live edge slab.

I rounded and began thinning the material

Continued shaping the shaft with a skew chisel

Whoops! I pressed a bit to hard and the spindle flexed to much and it popped off

Finished shaping the shaft

Shaped the handle had to use a bit of ca glue to stabilize a knot

Sand sand sand so much sanding

Using a round bastard file I established the angle for the spiral

Continued the grove trying to keep the same angle

Eyeballing where I should star the second groove and filing to the tip

Finish filing and sanded with sandpaper wrapped around the file

And done coated with 5 coats of lacquer and listed on Etsy here


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