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Update to taking the job.

by Nov 8
Update to my previous post: So in my previous post I mentioned how my boss was leaving and I was up for the job but was scared to take it. Well I took it. I was put on a 3 month probation period to see if I could do. It was perfect timing because it was the summer and working at a school that's a good time to get your head on straight and get an action plan together. After the 3 months, I didn't push the promotion until......I found out my car was being repossessed. I went into my bosses office and told him my situation and he jump into action and pushed the promotion through as fast as he could. I did however loss my car, so to little to late. But it wasn't all bad, my brother had a spare junker I could use until I get a new one. Not only that but we found a daycare we can afford now. This is a BIG DEAL for us. See we can't afford a babysitter and so our son isn't around other kids very much and his speech is kind of suffering for it. Also my wife can't work weekdays so she is with him 5 days a week all day. Her mental health is taking a toll and its been hard on her. She works on the weekends but even if she worked during the week to make up the money to afford a babysitter it still wouldn't be enough so it would be 1 step forward and 2 steps back if we went that route. Before moving closer for this job we were living in a one bedroom apartment with our mattress in the living room cause our son was such a light sleeper and had sleep regression. So we slept in the living room. It was hell. Finally things are getting better. TL:DR I got the job, we can finally have a babysitter to help with our sons speech and my wife's mental health, and thing are looking up. Thanks Imgurian for listen!
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