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Redesigned Shiny Pokemon

by 13d

Druddigon's new shiny is based around it's ability Rock Head, and is by far my favorite

Gunk Gengar, embracing it's more poisonius side, not the best, but i think it is pretty good

White Stantler, based on an albino reindeer. Way better than radioactiv stantler

I mean, this was obvious, Nidoqueen in Nidoking colors.

Honey colored snorlax, This just made the guy more hugable

Ocean Dragonite. It really looks good, like it was already like this

Sand shark garchomp, now atleast you can spot the shiny

Spooooky Mismagius, based around original ghost colors.

And at last, sun bear ursaring. It already had the ring and everything, it was just about chaning the colors


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