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Daniel Johnson: RIP dude, you were AWESOME

by Sep 12 via Android

I am not sure how many of you guys know this dude, but his name is Daniel Johnston. There is a lot I could tell you about him that has already been said so I won't go too much detail about who he is. There is a documentary about him called, "The Devil And Daniel Johnston" which details his struggles with mental issues (including schizophrenia). So check that out if you want to get a better understanding of him. His vocals weren't very polished but his music and what it meant was very simple and really raw. And at my lowest point in life, in my own bout with mental instability, they meant the WORLD to me. There was nothing fake about what this guy sang or did. Some of you may have listened to "The Story of an Artist" on the Apple commerical (which is awesome, go Apple!) I would listen to that particular song all the time some years before that. There is no one song that quite makes me feel to my roots like that one. And I am pretty sure it is Daniel as true and honest as one could get. Story of an artist ---- Daniel:

I think many of you know who this is. Kurt Kobain was a big fan of Daniel and his music. The drawing on the shirt was Daniel's own art (he really was a one man show and producer). This is where I first learned about the singer. After searching that funny little frog up.

One other way I was introduced to Daniel was by one the many song covers done of his music. "Worried Shoes" was covered by the artist Karen O for the movie "Where the wild things are." I love her cover and I think it is also an emotional masterpiece. But listening to Daniel's original version is almost heartbreaking. You can really hear the turbulence of his life through a weird contorted sense of childlike innocence. These were both big for me during my darkest times. Worried Shoes ---- Karen O's: Daniel's:

Other artists (especially indie bands) found and covered a lot of his music. There are two of my favorite below. One include's a cover done by Lana Del Rey which was really beautiful imo. The song she covered in particular is a very pretty one about the loss of someone you love and for me was a big way to get through a breakup I had when I was younger. Not trying to distract from Daniel's achievements by talking about myself, I just want to be clear what impact he had on myself and others. Somethings last a long time ---- Lana: Daniel: Walking the cow ---- TV on the radio: Daniel:

I'd make a longer post about him, I just figured this out and I am a little late to class. But I had to put this out there so other people can learn of him and get an appreciation of his art. I don't know if you'll like the vocals or even the music, but I hope it makes some sort of impact on you. The guy's life was really inspiring. His struggle with his own personal demons is heartbreaking and his strength to live on is incredible. I'll post a couple other extra tidbits that I like which provide a cool overview of the guy. Daniel, I hope you are in a better place now. I hope you have found peace of mind and a shelter from all those voices that plagued your head. I hope you find the love you were looking for down here and know that you have left a lot of it behind shared by many many fans. You may not have had the prettiest voice or the most healthy brain, but man you had the most truest of hearts. Thank you so much. Extras ======= Hi, how are you Daniel Johnston? (A short film) An interview with Nardwaur: Another one of my favorite song:


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