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DNA Doe Project solves a 37 year old Jane Doe case: Marcia King, aka 'Buckskin Girl'

by Apr 16

Last week, a Jane Doe known who has been known only as 'Buckskin Girl' for 37 years was finally identified as Marcia King. Her body was found in 1981, and she remained nameless until a non-profit organisation called DNA Doe Project stepped in ( Now Marcia has her name back, the hope is that her killer can be found too. DNA Doe Project are seeking donations, but they also want people to submit their genetic info from previous tests to see if they can find matches. This is how they found relatives of Marcia, and were able to help get her positively identified.

They're working on the Lyle Stevik case too, amongst others( Unsolved and Doe cases are kind of an obsession of mine. Its fucking tragic that so many people die nameless, and so many families are left without answers. I'm so pleased that Marcia King now has her name back. Hopefully they'll be able to give many more Does their names back. Wiki: DNA Doe Project: DNA Doe Project Cases: DDP Facebook page: Front Page Edit: Woah, this took off! Send good book recommendations, or find out how you can help organisations like the DNA Doe Project, even if you don't feel safe sending your personal info to them.


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