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My Pokemon Display Case

by May 16 via Android

I DID IT!!! I have been a long time fan of Pokemon, and loved my cards since I was a kid. Now i finally have a way to display some of them! I have been out of work for over 2 months now, and have had to sell some of my more valuable cards to supplement our income. I think the case is a beauty though, and I'm grateful for the cards I do still have! I want to share that passion with all of you, so i figured i would show them off here!

First off I have to apologize for so many different angles. The glass on the front is curved and the lights inside make it hard to get a good picture of each level. This is the top level. On top are all cards that have been graded by PSA as perfect 10s. These are some difficult cards to get. Even brand new cards have a hard time getting 10s due to printing imperfections and damage during packaging.

Other side of the top level.

This is the second level. There are some graded cards here too. All of these cards are 9s or lower. I also put up the newer secret rare Rainbow cards to fill in the gaps.

2nd level other side. You may notice a lot of Darkrai and Gengar cards in the collection here. They are my favorite pokemon, and I am working on my Master Set of cards for them. I am close to having a copy of every single Darkrai and Gengar card ever made in English. And a few cards in Japanese that are special too. I will include my Gengar and Darkrai collections at the end of the post here.

The 2nd level is low enough to place cards flat on the glass and have them visible, so I placed a collection of Full art cards down there. Those types of card are beautiful!

2nd level, other side

This is the 3rd level. Here are all my secret rare trainer cards (the crazy gold ones) a long with some other older and still rare trainer cards. You'll notice the clump of Secret Rare Frying Pans in the middle. This card is easily my favorite trainer card ever made. It combines my passion for cooking with my love of pokemon. Also, its rediculos and it reminds my wife of Tangled, so it works. I am working on getting the largest collection of that card possible! I hope to have 100 or more of them some day!

Here is the other side of Level 3.

Just like the level above, I lined the bottom with the Full Art trainer cards.

Other side of level 3.

The bottom level here is a small portion of my vintage cards. I've had that Base Set Charizard you see in the middle there since I was about 5 or 6.

Bottom level, other side. That's the whole case, and a small fraction of my collection. Thank you for looking through and enjoying my passion with me! If you have any cards you dont want, I am always accepting donations! ESPECIALLY THE FRYING PAN! love that guy! Thanks again for all your support and being a wonderful community of people!

As promised above, here is my collection of Gengsr and Darkrai cards!

I love the Haunter on the bottom left here. He looks like he's lazing in a recliner chair, just hanging out! Obviously he isn't, but I cant stop seeing that, so I call him Chillin Haunter.

Thanks again for looking at my collection!


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