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Here, have some feels.

by 2d

In Where the Red Fern Grows, Billy finds his two dogs, Old Dan and Little Ann, going after a mountain lion. Billy enters the fray with his axe, gets overwhelmed by the cougar, and they save him. Finally, he gets back up, kills the mountain lion, and saves his dogs lives. It doesn't end there, Old Dan dies from wounds later that night. Little Ann won't leave the Old Dan's grave, refuses to eat or drink, and dies of grief on the grave.

Bambi and his mother are peacefully eating the last bit of grass that the snow hasn't covered up. Bambi's mother notices something strange and then the two of them run for cover. A hunter kills Bambi's mother. Then, Bambi goes out to look for his mother. There's a picture circulating where Bambi is curled up next to his dead mother with blood on the snow, but the image is fake. As you can see, Bambi completely left his mother behind without realizing it. He goes out in search of his mother, but there's a blizzard moving in and he loses his bearings. Luckily his father finds him, informs him that his mother is gone, and the two walk off together.

In the Never Ending Story, Atreyu and his horse Artax have to traverse the Swamps of Sadness to find Morla, the Ancient One. The swamp takes anyone who lets the sadness get to them. Artax doesn't even make it to Morla, and Atreyu almost gets taken by the swamp because Morla tells him that the only thing that can stop The Nothing is a human child, and humans don't even exist in their universe.

Travis's dog and best friend in the world, Old Yeller saves Travis's life from a wolf. The wolf's bite gives Old Yeller rabies. Travis then has to put Old Yeller down once the disease has robbed Old Yeller of everything that made him Old Yeller. Can you guess what the movie's called? Note that 3 of these movies are Disney movies. I'd post a traumatizing scene from Watership Down, but there's only one traumatizing thing in that movie... and it's the entire movie... I'm only allowed to post a minute of video, and so I can't fit the entire movie into the post. Seriously, who on Earth thought Watership Down would make a good children's movie?


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