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Gogeta MUI Evolved Full Force Kamehameha /step by step

by Dec 2

Got a new graphics tablet , this is what I made with it. learned a few new things. So any way like always time for my potato rough draft!

Part 1 ,Potato mode : Rough idea of what i'm making . Just a kamehameha pose , kinda inspired by the movie one but with a bigger view and I wanted to make a WHAT IF FULL power Mode MUI+B EVOLVED

Part 2 , The Sketch : So i kinda ended up using the potato as a reference for the pose , it came out well ( could not figure out how to make the stupid jacket for the longest time) Any way the idea was to make a super powerful looking charge up of the Kamehameha , making his belt and clothes and hair recoil from the force.

Part 3 ,Inking : So this is the clean line art version, nothing much to add just retracing the sketch and making everything as clean as possible.

Part 4, Basic Coloring : the Prime colors , under the ink . Using them as a base and shading over them with other layers.

Part 5, Shading : nothing much to add here , just figuring out how to shade it according the location of the Kamehameha , and trying to make it to look as best as i can to the anime version.

Part 5.1 : Blue Eye hype beams and lightning

Part 6: Aura effects below and above the layer, There is actually another layer that goes above this one later on.

Part 7: Background + Kamehameha test (Forgot to add aura effects )

Part 8 :More effects , top aura layer + small toutches here and there to make the attack gather energy . Tried to make swirly effects like its sucking in smoke and stuff from the fires.

Part 9 : Final Version , tried some experiment stuff with the "smoke swirls" ended up making some Anime Ki gathering effects .


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