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IT Network Mapping

by 3d

Iowa server room. The server rack has patch panels, switches, and servers on it connecting the entire building.

This is an IDF (intermediate distribution frame) box that has an uplink from the server room and connects other devices like line equipment, wireless access points, IP cameras, phones, desktops, etc. It's easier to run cables to here rather than all the way back to the server room every time.

Resetting an HP Switch with an Ethernet to USB serial cable. I'm on a ladder working on top of the IDF box.

Pulling Ethernet cables isn't always as simple as it may sound. Sometimes you have to go above piping, installing loops so the cables don't sit on hot pipes. The space to the left about ladder height is where I had to crawl with cables to pull them where we needed.

This is the ceiling above the switch. We had to use the ladder to get up to this platform. This space was only a few feet high, and was an absolute pain to work in while pulling wires. There were MANY pipes that we had to go under and over. Compared to the production floor down below we're over 50ft high.

Part-way done with the pulls. Always remember to make service loops so you have extra cable in case you need more!

We only had 6 boxes of cable to pull 15-20 wires in all directions. Each box of cable is 1,000ft.

This switch and all of the cables connected to it are freshly pulled by me. I've tested and labeled all of the cables, and mounted the switch so it is out of the way for maintenance coming through.

This is the finished product. All of the cables are velcro'd, labeled, and tested. The switch is fully PoE (power-over-Ethernet) and can run cameras and wireless access points just from the one cable.

This is the bottom of the production floor. The camera has conduit going into the ceiling goes above to the switch. The ladder to the left is a 22ft ladder that goes to the area where the switch is.

This is the area of the plant that is being expanded. I just included this to help with scale. The switch connecting everything is above this ceiling.

Another area of the production floor where we were installing two network jacks. The conduit on the left corner goes above to the network switch.

Another camera and access point box that is waterproof for when sanitation cleans the place.

Attics can be messy. These cables weren't run by us, but sometimes you can get a hundred or more cables pulled in the same direction. This attic was over 100 degrees Farenheit, and a nightmare to work in.

The purple cables are cameras. The orange is a wireless access point. I believe the red or yellow were the uplink from the server room. The blue and grey cables go out to the production floor to several different types of equipment.

My mother and I on a scissor lift. Some of the cables we had to run were too high for a ladder to reach.

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