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Dump from a year of stolen memes

by Nov 9 via iPhone

Hope you like the dump!

Do not drink this


It’s cuter with feathers

This rarely happens

What are you even paying for?


If you hate mosquitoes, use a strong fan to blow them away

Your brain was looking for a face, found one

There are plenty of reasons they may have not to talk to us

I can’t solve it

Sauce for homemade fried chicken

See stock photos of any job

Green sparkly flowers are the best

Please don’t feed my dog any of that

Draw me like one of your anime girls

And wonder if you have wasted a year of your life thinking you had an original idea

If you can’t think of a word, you’re not an idiot

I’m still a baby on the inside

All the groups for school projects

Jimmy Neutron


Carlos isn’t Mayan

Always have an escape plan

Also try sitting on your hand and then patting yourself on the back

Dog tax


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