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The furballs that rule over our house for Pet Tax Day!

by 8d via Android

This is Naga. She was my soulmate. I'd never had a connection with any animal until I met her. And I was the only human aside from my husband and son that she trusted. We had her for almost 8 years. She passed unexpectedly on March 11, 2019. Not a day goes by where I dont miss her terribly.

Naga with her younger sister Zoey. They rarely got along. But I caught them cuddling and playing together over the years.

Naga as a kitten the day we found her, I had just lost my first pregnancy, finding her and caring for her helped heal me in ways I wasnt expecting.

Zoey modeling for the camera!

This is our old guy Moose, we estimate hes around 10-12 years old. He got incredibly depressed after Naga passed. He still seems off but every day is better. They were inseparable. Slept together every night. We miss our girl.

My boys. They love spotting the birds that come eat at a feeder just outside that window.


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