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Fight gone wrong (UPDATE)

by Nov 8 via iPhone

This is my new ACL. It is a platelar graft which thankfully has a high success rate and return to sport

Day one after surgery. Everything is still wrapped and nerve block is still in effect

Day 3 or so. My engineering sisters made me a box of protection for my knee so the puppy can still cuddle with me

Started PT 2 days after surgery. This is day 4 after surgery, 2 days of doing PT 5 times a day. Was super happy to achieve this motion again. For ACL repair, they have to cut through part of your quadriceps muscle, so you have to basically relearn to move your leg

Today, 1 week post-op. It's rough but Im really happy with the progress so far. It's hard going from kicking down grown men to not being able to even do a single leg raise... But I know by sticking with PT and enough time I can get back to what I love.

Today, 7 days post-op. All the bruising is coming in by now. If you made it this far into the post, thanks for the read. It's going to be a long recovery, and I still need to get surgery for my shoulder in December, but I'm going to take it one day at a time. If you missed my first post, long story short I was in a martial arts sparring accident that left me with a lot of torn crap.

The good boy that keeps me company. His name is Leonardo but he goes by Leo Most viral edit: wow guys thanks for front page. If you want the story what happened, check out my last post before this one. I’ll make sure to take it easy on the NSAIDS, and I’ll stick to my PT. Send cute puppies and stuff :)

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