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It’s my cake day so have an Inspirobot dump

by Jun 12 via iPhone

So, there is this crow that has been visiting my yard.

He’s greedy and keeps eating all of the berry suet I leave out.

It’s cool, though, because I want to make friends with this crow.

I know he sees me waving at him through the window. I think he’s getting more comfortable around me.

So much so that he brought his friend or girlfriend over the other day.

Which means I have to come up with a second name. The main crow I’ve begun calling Dampe.

I’m hoping they get friendly enough with me that they’ll approach and bring me shiny trinkets.

And in return I’ll give them extra good food.

Until I’m in control of a whole murder.

So far I think I’m having better look gaining a little robin’s trust, though.

He’s already come close to landing on my hand and eating from my palm.

And as cute as that would be it doesn’t conjure the same image as being surrounded by a murder of crows.

Unless I can get both to trust me.

Basically I want to be a Disney Princess ...

and a Disney villain.

All at the same time.

I’ll be able to lure the unsuspecting by having a robin approach.

And as they are oohing and awwing over the cute little feathery floof

The crows steal all of their loose change.

Which I will then take down to the shop for some more berry suet.

And maybe an ice cream cone for myself.

Because who doesn’t like an ice cream cone after a long day of robbing people with wild birds?

No one doesn’t like it. That’s who.

Anyway, there’s no point to this story.

I just wanted to talk about the crow that keeps coming to my yard.

And my desire to be his friend.

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