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Anime Profile Pictures I've found over the years Part 2

by Jun 13

Cardfight - Watering Elf

Critical roll - Jester

Youjo Senki - Tanya Degurechaff

Attack On Titan - Nanaba

Yu Gi Oh Vrains - Yusaku

Land of the lustrous - Phos

Critical Roll - Jester

Adventure Time - Marceline

Aura Kingdom - Sorceress

Goblin Slayer - Female Knight

Re:Zero - Rem

Attack on Titan - Sasha Blouse

Resident Evil - Leon Scott Kennedy

Aura Kingdom - Random character

Konosuba - Aqua

Land of the lustrous - Diamond

Straight outta Imgur's chat.

Code Geass - C.C.

Aura Kingdom - Fenrir

Fire Emblem - Micaiah

Land of the lustrous - Diamond

91 Days - Angelo Lagusa

Dangan Ronpa - Celestia

Hyper dimension Neptunia - Noire


Aura Kingdom - Holy sword class

Land of the lustrous - Antarcticite

Metroid - Zero Suit Samus

Chinese Naruto

Arslan Senki - Elam

League of Legends - Lux and Ezreal PS: I count the art style that the picture is drawn in, not the genre that it is from.


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