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Moving away from Marketplace Assets feels so good

by Nov 8

This is the new concept art for the main character in our game. We've been using marketplace assets since the beginning of development just to get stuff up and running faster. Slowly buy surely we've been swapping things out. However we never had a concept artist or character modeler on the team, until now.

This is the current model in the game. If you've played or watched any game with cats in the past few years, you'll notice that it will look similar to models used in some of those games. Marketplace assets have been a go-to for many Indies as a cost-savings/prototype option.

We went through a few concepts before settling on the final one. We needed the head to be easy to "texture" on. Basically, adding facial or skin features without adding more geometry to the character model, similar to how the current one works.

We also have a concept for our female character. Please let us know what you think about it down below, all critiques and feedback is welcome! Thanks!

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