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Lost my bestest buddy this week (Literally 100+ pics of the same dog)

by Aug 11

Sorry for the potato quality of photos! Most of these were with the iphone 5. Like, I'm just now realizing how bad. His name was Brutus.

"I don't wanna walk anymore! Too tired!" Proceeds to terrorize my apartment.

Then Nap nap nappy nap nap

8-10 weeks old. He had elephant ears

He could fall asleep anywhere anytime, including my hand while I drove

Still have that soccer ball. Thought about burying it with him. We did bury him with a shoe, one of his favorite balls, and the husk of another of his favorite balls

Now you see me, now you don't!

Sorry for the selfie! This one and the next two are just hilarious to me. If only I could sleep in the positions he did

He was a "Blue Brindle" Great Dane, born 3/23/16.

Here he was about 4 months old. He took up only half the couch at that time.

First tooth lost! Man they were sharp.

Sorry for the 'under carriage shot'

His first thunderstorm! I bought a porch swing that soon became under his exclusive ownership

I probably farted and woke him up - 5 months old

No banana no problem! Something yellow right? ... right?

Here he was sleeping on me. Dang I miss my buddy right now.

He would align his back to mine and sleep beside me. Usually he faced the foot side of the bed.

Here is Brutus sitting on my brother's lap. They were two peas in a pod, and I referred to them as "the brutes". Both farted and burped at will.

His tongue was massive. One pass would cover your face. My folks had two standard poodles - Jojo and Dixie.

Beautiful boy

8 months or so

I don't know why these are so bad quality! He had been jonesing for one of my highlighters for a while. He finally got one.

"I regret nothing."

Caught him on pornhub

The 'cone of shame'. I spared no expense and got him the cushion one. What was I thinking.

He wasn't a chewer! I was happy with that - my overpriced textbooks were untouched so I could get maximum return money.

Halloween '16. "What the hell...." He was very skiddish around strangers. That is literally my only complaint. So he could not be my Scooby Doo.

I tried to get a cinematic, picturesque Christmas card photo....

We managed a couple decent photos that day

I always did this and I don't think he ever got much! Mainly he gulped down a bunch of air and burped afterwards.

Hurp Durp

Watchin for Deer

"My junk in your face? I'm going to lean on you anyways."

Never sit on the floor unless you are prepared to play. Non-negotiable terms

The two brutes. My bro is still here with us. I am very happy for that.

My absolute favorite. His first snow!

At one point in time he did fit under the couch

The green eyes. Stay tuned, there is one where he looks like a green eyed demon

More sleepy

Some toys went from cute to an abomination. This was a small rubber dog at one point. Hey! We made it to 2017. Still with me?

"Nothing going on here - whats up with you?" (not the demon pic, but definitely alien-like)

After every bath we'd shiver. This is, of course, after running around like a maniac right after the bath

Super Bowl 2017! Pats vs somebody probably. I stayed home and read my case book while he chewed on my shoes. We had an arrangement. Certain shoes were allowable but only while on my feet.

The war of the Brutes. Refusal to sit on furniture vs. refusal to leave you alone if you didn't

I tried for another cool picture. Both Dodge Rams, left Daytona edition and right was 2006 Ram SRT-10. I like my cars and trucks. Brutus shed all over them. I've since sold/traded them in.

Not in to the long grass!! NOT INTO THE LONG GRASS!!

He would run with the frisbee covering his eyes. The big goof...

Sadly we stepped on a nail or barbed wire out there. He had to wear a booty for a week or so.

"No matter, I'm just going to commandeer your bed, k? Thanks"

"Did you just.... yup, you opened something food related"

Mid sneeze! Still here?!? We're almost done!

DEMON PIC! Actually not as bad as I remember it.

I was sad so he became sad

We can sleep the sadness away, ok?


"I want to go outside, please"

"I looonnng to"

He lived to 2 years, 4 months, two weeks almost exactly. He loved to play and run around

Maybe he knew something I didn't. I wish I could have known his heart was weak

He was an inside dog until literally 1 week before he died. I started working at my new law firm and I put him outside for the day. After 1 week of it he seemed acclimated to it. He shared the pen with a 13 year old dog. They had shade, food, and water. Wednesday 8/8 when I got home I went out to find him and he was lifeless in the corner. It was a shock.

This is the last photo of him on July 28. He was the goodest boy! If you made it this far thanks for watching! Give your pet an extra boop on the nose for me and Brutus.


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